Rew-music production


Rew-Music Production company was established in 2012.

The company includes: an Art center, Production center and Record Label, Publishing house and Event Agency.

We engage professionals with 10 years plus successful experience in the music industry.

Our authors, songwriters and composers have produced over 200 exclusive songs and literary works of various genres. Every year we organize interregional and international events. 

Successful operation since 2012. 

20+ successful interregional and international events

1,500+ satisfied clients


We speak different languages, including Russian, English, Turkish etc.

We keep up with the times and even run ahead, if necessary

We are a socially conscious company and assist young talents, as well as run crucial social projects and social events.


Our mission

We seek to contribute to the development of modern culture and art through the production and release of new unique musical and literary works of diverse genres, assist the creative development of kids and youth, support young talents, roll out cross-cultural projects, bring people together through creative work and art.


Our goals & objectives:

Running successful musical and literary projects

Releasing popular exclusive musical and literary works

Drive personal creative development of children and youth

Promoting a positive image of the country abroad

Fulfilling critical social tasks through cultural projects


Our principles:

Quality ahead of time

Uniqueness and leadership

Bespoke approach

Life-long learning, enhancement and improvement

Honesty and integrity for your trust

Successful fusion of creativity and modern trends

Tolerance and cross-cultural friendship

Creative work for the ethical and aesthetic development and the establishment of true values in sync with the world

Participation in dealing with social problems



Our company brings together the best professionals in their areas, collaborates with bright creative talents, develops and runs unique modern culture, art and show business projects.

The core client office of the Company is located in the literary capital, in the Orel city (Orel region, Russia). Our call-center works as virtual office 7 days a week. To make an appointment with an officer of our company, please call +7 (486) 248-95-28 or e-mail to: Orel city mostly hosts our art center activities; the rest of the Company's business is mainly related to national and international projects.